I have always wanted one of these and as expected they are difficult to use and get use to. I didn’t do anything hard just wanted to do some simple things with it and get as comfortable with it as one could in a few days. I spent about 2hrs with it on over the weekend ( with camera this is 35lbs hanging off of your body) and shot this at the end of the weekend before the sun went down so forgive the dark shots at the end. The JVC GY HM700 is not hard to balance on the Steadicam but then again I didn’t balance it. It feels right for this unit. I will test the Zephyr soon but for now this was a lot of work. You need to be in shape to do this for a full paid day or 8 hrs. Don’t fool yourself . Thanks to my assistant who tolerated the seemingly senseless walking. The 2.35 letterbox shows when I am not smooth or when I don’t have the subject boxed out right so this was a very good lesson for sure